Meetings are essential.

All of us have been in a meeting and realized how much better it could have been.

We've seen not great meetings run by smart, well-meaning people and realized we needed to help people have better meetings when they really need them.

We've spent years on stage as performers learning how to bring passion to every performance and to draw energy out of every audience. We've brought those creative skills to NYCMF. 

We wear many hats at NYCMF. We are entrepreneurs, business leaders, musicians, strategists, artists, inventors, poets and consultants. And we bring those many perspectives to our facilitation efforts.

What sets us apart is our customized preparation and approach for your needs and our belief in the potential of successful meetings to change and shape an organization's future. Beyond that, we love good meetings and always bring professionalism, enthusiasm, and energy to all our endeavors.

About co-founders Kevin Gosa & Bryan Horvath

              Kevin Gosa

            Kevin Gosa

Together we have been meeting facilitators in New York City for nearly 10 years. From staff meetings, S.W.O.T. and brainstorming sessions, to conference panels, board meetings and retreats, we’ve worked with all types of companies and organizations.

           Bryan Horvath

         Bryan Horvath

Our diverse background results in an invigorated and dynamic approach to meetings that has enabled to us help business leaders, teams and constituents push through blockades and stereotypes about meetings to hold effective and efficient conversations that achieve the necessary objectives.

By working as a team, we are able to more fluidly connect the dots at a meeting, make sure everyone gets heard, see that all the participants are understood, and better address individuals concerns. Our complementary skill sets and our interpersonal interchange sets the tone for an getting all the meeting’s stakeholders excited and ready to contribute.

We believe a key part of the role of facilitators is honoring people’s time, intellect and energy, and as such we prepare extensively to make sure when the meeting begins we are ready to deliver an experience that not only doesn’t feel like a “waste of time” but actually wins people over to the benefits of effective meetings.

As New Yorkers, we know what it’s like to live and work in the city and strive to make sure we represent our clients objectives and interests in a manner consistent with the entrepreneurial spirit of New York City.