Solve Real Problems. Capitalize On Real Opportunities.

Our Design-Thinking Workshops bring practical learning experiences to your organization. They pull your staff out of their comfort zone, leaving them energized and infused with creative ideas. They will practice the skills needed to prioritize, prototype, and test value propositions quickly and cheaply with real customers.

Our Innovation Lab Workshops:

  • Build an innovation pipeline to help remain competitive in a rapidly changing environment;
  • Enhance and redefine your employees' approach to innovation;
  • Develop actionable commercial insights about key customer segments;
  • Equip your employees with the skills they need to collaborate and solve complex problems; and,
  • Help create an engaged and motivated workforce with the skills to solve complex problems collaboratively.
From seasoned consultants to industry leaders, participants reported how beneficial they were in drawing out ideas and tactics for improvement.
— L.A. Chandlar, Event Organizer

SOund Like a Good Fit? ↴

We will help your business discover design thinking with options ranging from 3-hours to a full day, two day or an extended engagement with multiple touch points. Our approach will be tailored to your organization's unique position, and use the design-thinking process on a real challenge or opportunity area faced by your business.