We're Experienced, Effective, & Easy To Work With.

“Thank you so much for organizing a great day. You really made the entire process easy every step of the way and allowed us to just engage and participate day-of, which was awesome.”
— Michelle Kelly, VP of Client Services, Hawkins Intl.

We facilitate, help you plan content, drive the overall process for you, & advise you on logistics.  

You can't afford poorly planned and executed meetings, retreats, or conferences. And a do-it-yourself approach often ends with little positive results, frustrated participants, and wasted time, money, and energy.

When you hire a facilitator you get more than just an extra few people in the room. You get:

  • Objectivity and Neutrality
  • Time Management
  • Personality Management 
  • Leadership Participation
  • Specialized Facilitations Skills
  • Dedicated Work Effort

Planning an effective meeting takes time & energy you sometimes can't dedicate. Our approach ensures the meeting gets the necessary attention to achieve positive results.



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New York City Based

With our headquarters in New York City, we serve the northeast corridor and easily access your on or offsite location all over the world.

Saves You Time and Money

We drive the process and keep our eye on the ball so you can focus on your real work. Plus, you're already spending money on every bad meeting you have. 

Upfront Pricing

What does a great meeting cost? We've committed to upfront pricing to help you make a decision about what is best for you.