Lots of Unproductive Meetings

Yet, the abundance of advice, tips, and tricks isn’t making a difference. The problem isn’t a lack of information, it’s the absence of good training.

So then, people are only learning how to lead meetings from going to bad meetings, well…

See the problem?

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In a 2017 survey by UNC, 71% of senior managers said meetings are unproductive and inefficient.

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The average employee attends 62 meetings per month.


Better Meetings Boot Camp

Better Meetings Boot Camp is a hands-on, experiential training that equips your team with the skills, tools, and experiences necessary to be not only better participants in meetings, but actually lead the kind of meetings that get people saying, “that was the best meeting I’ve been to here.”

BMBC is the only service that goes beyond the books in order to provide the type of hands on, practical learning that will help you internalize the process of running effective meetings EVERY time.


Better Meetings Boot Camp will help your PEOPLE Learn…

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When You Should Have A Meeting & When Not To

Imagine if your team know when and why to call a meeting, and more importantly, when another method of interaction would be better.

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How To Manage Participants & Personalities

All the planning in the world can’t prepare you to deal with real people and ensure all are heard, valued, and feel like the meeting was productive.

What Tools Draw Out Good Ideas & How They Work

From icebreakers to brainstorming to strategy, the Boot Camp coaches people through the best of the best in facilitation techniques and tools.

How To Drive Discussion Toward Results

When is the right time to transition from discussion to decision then documentation? How can you set your meeting up to follow through later on?

And More…

What does the BOOT CAMP cover?


    Think ahead. Do we really need this meeting? What kind of meeting does it need to be? Who should be there?


    What’s the challenge that drives this meeting? What technique will allow the group to make progress? What is success for this meeting?


    How will I introduce meeting context? How will I manage time and ensure progress? How will deal with conflicts?


    What happens if things are progress? What needs to be documented? What next steps are there? Who will own them?

The entire process was such a pleasure and I can’t imagine a more productive time! I really appreciate the work and care you all put into the preparation and execution.
— Lesley Washington, Director of Development Operations, Human Rights Watch