Board Retreats are a catalyst—a way of infusing passion, strategy, and optimization into any board and raise the ceiling for its potential.

A well-planned and well-run board retreat helps:

  • Get everyone on the same page

  • Focus on key best practices

  • Get clarity on roles and responsibilities

  • Develop actionable goals

  • Problem-solving key challenges

  • Generate positive momentum

  • Build strong & healthy culture

Our involvement helps ensure everyone participates, all voices are heard, the meeting stays on track and focused, people are engaged and actually have a good time, and ideas and takeaways are documented.

For the first time in my more than 10 years on the board, I really, fully understand what we are all about as a foundation.
— Tony, Board Member, enCourage Kids Foundation

A Few of the Boards We’ve Helped…

I don’t think I can overstate the value of working with you and getting all of us on the same page, generating even more excitement about our future.
— Healthy Humor
The entire process was such a pleasure and I can’t imagine smoother and more productive sessions! I really appreciate the work and care you all put into the preparation and execution.
— Human Rights Watch
Thanks to you we were able to create new momentum and make shifts that helped us breakthrough and change.
— Board Chair - TBC
Thank you so much NYC Meeting Facilitators! It was so great working with you!
— Dwight Englewood School

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