Our Meeting Facilitation Method

We developed this method after years of working hands on in facilitation of all kinds, from conferences to panels to brainstorming. Regardless of the type of meeting being held, these steps are the cornerstones to controlling variables and guiding the meeting toward a productive end.

Discuss - In this phase we work with you to fully understand the moving parts and pieces at play in advance of the meeting. Among the issues addressed in this phase are: What are people's expectations? What are your typical pitfalls? Who's on board and who will sink the ship? What would success look like? What would failure be?

Decide - As we gather the pertinent information from key stakeholders we can decide what approach, agenda and other tactics are necessary to achieve success for the meeting. We work with you to make sure you're comfortable with the plan so you can be the lead participant and enthusiastically advocate for the meeting.

Do - For us this is the most exciting part. It's the opening night performance. It's game time. We love meetings and during the meeting we work to help transfer that energy to all participants in order to facilitate an enjoyable and fruitful meeting. Our presence as a neutral third-party helps us diffuse and resolve conflict, and involve all participants including you - the leader - in order to work towards full buy-in from everybody.

Deliver - After the meeting we work to "distill" the essence and excellent results of the meeting into the necessary action steps and timeline to ensure the productivity from the meeting isn't lost in the day-to-day milieu of doing business.

Direct - In the final phase we help direct you the best and most efficient ways to carry out the delivered results of the meeting including discussing messaging and internal PR approach, coaching and managing other key individuals, and laying out a basic strategy for following through on the output of the meeting so maximizing your success potential.