We give every meeting everything we've got.

We price our services to ensure we can dedicate the right amount of time to making your meeting the best one it can be. We've put our most common meeting types here, but if you don't see what you're looking for, have an idea, or have questions... CONTACT US. 

And in case you missed it, check out the Bad Meeting Calculator to see how much you might already be spending on having meetings that don't produce the results you want.


We're available for brainstorming, strategy and planning, leadership development, moderation, or any other type of meeting for where the presence of an expert facilitator would help deliver the results you need. 

We will work with you in advance of the meeting to help make sure the goals and plan for meeting are well-designed. We also will track key concepts and ideas and deliver a helpful report about outcomes and next steps so you can properly capitalize on the meeting.

How Can We Help You Have The Most Effective Meeting? ↴

From seasoned consultants to industry leaders, participants reported how beneficial they were in drawing out ideas and tactics for improvement.
— L.A. Chandlar, Author & Event Organizer

In the weeks and months leading up to the retreat we work with you to create a comprehensive content plan for your retreat. We interview key stakeholders, develop a theme, design modules to organize the time and survey your team.

On the day of the event we run the show for you so your whole team can participate. We'll document each session for you. We also take that information and distill it into helpful action steps that we present to you in our post-retreat follow up meeting.

Our Small Team retreat is just like our Company retreat package but scaled down to meet the particular needs of a smaller team.

We still help you plan content, develop the agenda, facilitate the actual meeting. We take clear helpful notes at the meeting and work with you in a post-retreat follow-up meeting to clarify key next steps so you keep the momentum the retreat build.