Our workshops are 2-3 hour seminars designed to educate, equip, and empower teams and individuals to make progress in key areas.


Our training programs are designed to provide more in-depth education, practicum, and coaching tailored to your team and your people.


Communication Skills WOrkshop

Improving individual and team communication skills is essential to success.

Our Communication Skills workshop takes your team through key principles and practices that enable noticeable increases in effectiveness.

We cover:

  • Defining Communication

  • The Two Commandments of Communication

  • Rules and Etiquette of Communication Channels

  • and more…

Whether at conferences, sales meetings, or presenting to clients and coworkers, strong presentation skills are essential.

Our Presentation Skills workshop equips members of your team with tools, techniques, and practice to help advance their presentation abilities.

We cover:

  • Personal Presence

  • Material Preparation

  • Audience Awareness

  • Situational Practice

  • and more…


Presentation Skills Workshop & Training

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Facilitation Skills Workshop & Training Program

Better Meetings Boot Camp is Basic Training for Leading Better Meetings.

Better Meetings Boot Camp is a hands-on, experiential training that equips your team with the skills, tools, and experiences necessary to be not only better participants in meetings, but actually lead the kind of meetings that get people saying, “that was the best meeting I’ve been to .”

It’s time to go beyond brainstorming Facilitation and develop skills and knowledge to drive fresh, Creative Thinking.

Our Innovation Techniques Training bring practical learning experiences to your organization. They pull your staff out of their comfort zone, leaving them energized and infused with creative ideas.

They will practice the skills needed to prioritize, prototype, and test value propositions quickly and cheaply with real customers.


Innovation Techniques & Training


Time management Workshop

Time is short. Our work and Lives continue to co-mingle. What time Management techniques can help?

Our Time Management workshop takes your team through key practices and tools that can create noticeable increases in efficiency.

We cover:

  • The Nature of Time Management

  • Time Management Core Truths

  • Time Management Strategies

  • Time Management Tools

  • and more…