Check Out Our Answers To These Proverbial FAQs

Why should I hire a meeting facilitator, can’t I just do this myself?

Well, of course you can facilitate a meeting yourself, just like now and then (if you've got a little experience) you take a stab a changing your oil yourself. But for you're most important expeditions you take your car to a professional.

It's the same with your most important meetings or retreats. A good facilitator ensures your meeting doesn't turn into a car wreck.

When should I hire you?

All the time we hope, but that's probably not realistic. So we recommend evaluating which meetings matter most to you. From which ones do you need the most output and results? Those are the meetings we ought to help you make a success.

Will there be trust falls and drum circles?

Only if you want there to be. Well, actually, no. Our meeting preparation strategy is all about understanding the meeting participants and your objectives so we can plan an appropriate strategy and set of activities to be successful.

What kind of facilitator am I getting?

For starters, it will be a human person. Secondly, all our facilitators have robust experience in helping people and organizations conduct meetings. They possess excellent people skills, are highly professional, friendly and easy to work with.

What happens at the meeting?

Well, what happens at the meeting, stays at the… wait that’s from something else.

Our facilitators are part of the planning process from the moment you bring us on board so that when the day arrives we can work the plan. But inevitably, course corrections are needed as people have ideas, raise issues, or make important connections. We excel at managing the flow of the meeting as well the personalities in the room to allow all voices to be heard and people to participate.

So, do you just show up on the day of the meeting or what?

Yes, we will absolutely show up on the day of meeting. But, we begin our work with you in advance of the meeting to develop a plan for the time that works.

Will we ever see you again after the meeting is over?

Yes. Well, unless you really don't want to. Our follow-up with you is important for your ability to follow-through on key action items that come out of the meeting. We prepare a final report on your meeting and go over it with you in person whenever possible.

This all sounds awesome, but we’re based in Katmandu. Do you travel?*

not really a frequently asked question. Because we are based in New York City we easily travel through the Northeast Corridor and Mid-Atlantic regions, and three nearby airports that help us get the meeting desitination wherever it maybe. (Even Katmandu.)*

Couldn’t I hire any facilitator I can find on the internet?

You could, but our experience is that those facilitators are generic, one-size fits all facilitators. We think what sets us apart is our customized preparation and approach for your needs and our belief in the potential of successful meetings to change and shape an organization's future. Beyond that, we love meetings and always bring enthusiasm and energy to all our facilitation opportunities.