About Us

Every one of us has, at some point,  been sitting in a meeting thinking to ourselves that there's got to be a better way. 

That's why we started NYCMF. From day one, our goal has always been to help people have meetings that become a launchpad for change and success. What sets us apart is our preparation. We approach your needs with our belief in the potential of good meetings to change and shape an organization's future. Everyone on our team loves people and truly enjoys being a part of making a meeting matter. 

Our goal is to help design and deliver the most effective meeting possible, so we don’t use a generic facilitation method, we design approaches that meet your needs. We strive to not only be a key resource in planning and execution to supplement your team and its work, but also to seamlessly integrate into your ecosystem, to use your industry language and framework.

We wear many hats at NYCMF. We are entrepreneurs, business leaders, musicians, strategists, artists, inventors, poets and consultants. And we bring all those perspectives, real enthusiasm, positive energy, and thorough professionalism to our facilitation efforts.


Bryan Horvath | CO-FOunder & Dir. of Client Relations

As Director of Business Strategy & Sales, Bryan keeps the NYCMF ship running like clockwork. He is one of our lead facilitators and ensures our robust planning process continues to produce effective meetings for our clients. Bryan has designed Cadillacs, run an indie record label, directed an international arts non-profit, and toured 45 states as the front man of a rock band. 


Kevin Gosa | Co-Founder & Dir. of Strategy & Facilitation

Kevin is Director of Strategy & Facilitation he specializes in developing the right strategic approach for every meeting. He's also one of our lead facilitators. Kevin has played saxophone all over the world, from Texas to Thailand. He's lectured at MIT and Baylor University, led international conferences and co-hosted a technology and culture podcast.


Meaghan Ritchey | Experience Design

Besides her role as facilitator, Meaghan helps envision and plan unique experiences for some of our client engagements. She's part host, part air traffic controller, part prioritizer, part negotiator, part creator, part implementer, part enabler, part tuner, and when it’s really hopping, she's the calm in a storm. Meaghan is also the publisher of Curator Magazine.

Dunn Headshot.JPG

Charlie Dunn | Facilitator

Charlie has spent over a decade leading meetings in classrooms, professional learning communities, and non-profit boardrooms. His experience as an educator, school leader, and non-profit program director make him comfortable in a variety of complex situations. He has served as a board officer through strategic and transition planning initiatives, designed and implemented sailing instruction for at-risk teens, and was named New Jersey Charter School Association Teacher of the Year in 2012.